When laundry becomes a(n) (Urban) Therapy…

We could define this new place in Brussels as a concept-store.. But after spending a few hours in it, it’s hard to stick to that description…

Urban Therapy, it’s Anis and his partner Céline, who build this place where you let yourself be totally charmed. Here, you can make your own terrarium (or buy one already done), you can just chill and check what’s in the store while sipping a cup of very good tea (Anis will advice you expertly as he has one of the best tea selections in town) or you can taste one of the 3 different « unordinary cappuccinos » for only 4€ !

In the shop itself, Anis surprises us omce again with amazing designers who come from the 4 corners of the world. The icing on the cake is the affordable price ! Whether it’s a fun notebook, jewels, purses or clutches, no fancy prices here ! One of the designers makes quite big backpacks (handmade of course) but only a few pieces for only 75€. Pretty cool, right ? His mantra is « be unique, it’s affordable ». We saw them, and we can tell you that we loved them ! ❤

« Experience » is another  word that comes back to you quite  often in the global approach of Urban Therapy. That’s why they propose several activities are so you can also live your own experiences of all kinds : whether it is a « brunch opera » (yes you read that right) or a japanese tea ceremony (look at their Facebook page for dates and information, over here).And if one day you want to organize one of these experiences, don’t hesitate to contact them 🙂

Anis told us about future profects to come and we can’t wait to tell you more about it ! Patience is key dear readers…

Last but not least, this is clearly one of our crushes this year ❤

So go, discover the place and love it !


Rue de Flandre 80-84

1000 Bruxelles

Open every day from 11am to 7pm





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