Situated in a typical Danish house, Kompasset is quite an interesting choice when visiting the famous quarter of Nyhavn if you’d like to try something new ( food wise) .
It features a luxury Danish furniture, in a contemorany cosy atmosphere with a beautiful terrace. So you can choose to either have your little moment of R&R inside or outside, with a great view of the port.
You can even stay at the bar as it’s quite cool ! 
It’s the perfect address to try the typic local lunch of Denmark. Have you ever wondered about Danish food/speciality ? Smørrebrød is a slide of bread where we can mix meat or vegetables, but in a more luxurious way than we are used to, the ingredients being picked carefully, always at a affordable price though.
I would advise you to take a smørrebrød fish and one with with meat. It’s what I actually had while I was trying out the restaurant. To be more accurate, the specialities I tried are called Lady Stoneheart and Red Bone.
To start with, Lady Stoneheart stole my heart with seafood salad, wakame, avocado, piment d’espelette and the famous skyr.
The other smørrebrød, Red Bone, contains beerbraised pig shank, kimchi mayo, carrots, coriander, pork crackling. 
I’m pleased to tell you that each choice of food can be taken with a specific beer. It’s suggested in the menu.
Last but not least, all my vegan friends will definitely find their smørrebrød as they have a lovely lunch/dinner prepared for them as well.
To finish this magnificent culinary experience, a dessert is a must have ! Vanilla was my choice – vanilla parfait combined with strawberries, merengue and hibiscus.
Mouth watering yet ? 🙂

Nyhavn 65, stuen // 1051 København K

tlf. +45 44225222



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